Vehicle Servicing

We can service any make of vehicle and use OEM approved parts, saving you money on main dealer prices and also allowing you to keep your manufacturers warranty.

The price for a service starts from £120.


At Autoplus (Ilkeston) we can service your vehicle to ensure it is running correctly and safely.

We only use manufacturer approved parts, ensuring that your manufacturers warranty is preserved.

Many people don't realise that so long as approved parts are used then the vehicle can be serviced by anyone, saving on the cost of main dealer prices!

For more information see this press release from the Office of Fair Trading:


Your vehicle should be regularly serviced to ensure that it is running correctly and any faults can be located and rectified before developing into major problems. Failure to keep your vehicle regularly serviced can lead to potentially dangerous problems developing unnoticed, or leading to costly engine repairs.


Be aware of garages offering very cheap servicing, the word "service" is used to cover a range of levels of vehicle checks and parts replaced. These very cheap servicing deals often only cover the oil and filter change and a quick look over the car. At Autoplus we perform the service according to the manufacturers specifications, and provide a much more in depth vehicle inspection.

We will also provide honest advice and will only replace parts that actually need replacing. We will always contact you to advise of any extra work required and obtain your authorisation before starting, so you don't get any nasty surprises when you come to collect your vehicle. All parts replaced are retained and we will explain why they needed replacing if required.