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Get in touch to arrange a free 15 point safety check to keep you safe on the road.

To receive a free 15 point safety check simply mention code 2015-02-WINTER when booking*.


What is included in the inspection?

Our technicians will check the following items as part of the safety check:

  • Do all lights work correctly? Does the horn operate correctly?
  • Are brake discs and pads corroded, scored or distorted?
  • Is any part of the hydraulic braking system (hoses and pipes) corroded, leaking or chafing?
  • Are the brake calipers working correctly and are they free of leaks?
  • Does the brake servo work correctly?
  • Is the ABS warning light working? Does the handbrake operate correctly?
  • Do the wheel bearings need replacing?
  • Are tyres in good condition, and are the pressures correct? (we will adjust the pressures as needed as part of the checks)
  • Are the shock absorbers operating correctly and free of leaks?
  • Is there any sign of wear, leaks or corrosion in the steering and suspension components?
  • Does the gearbox and clutch work correctly?
  • Are the propshaft / drive shaft gaitors and joints secure?
  • Is the exhaust system secure and free of leaks and corrosion?


Are there any hidden costs?

The checks are completely free and if anything does need repairing no work will be undertaken without your permission. There is no obligation to have any work carried out by ourselves.

*Terms and conditions apply, offer expires 28th February 2015